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Insulated Vinyl Cladding from Canada now in NZ

by Mitten Insulated Cladding - Mitten Vinyl New Zealand 05/10/11, 10:29am

Mitten Insulated Vinyl Cladding is now available in New Zealand.

Mitten is a insulated weatherboard cladding system manufactured in Canada since 1953 and imported to New Zealand.

Due to the growing demand in New Zealand for warmer, drier and more thermally efficient homes/buildings, Mitten products are gaining popularity as New Zealand catches up with the construction methods and products being used in the rest of the world.

Unfortunately New Zealand is renowned for being well behind building standards in comparison to the rest of the world, so Mitten NZ are passionate about educating the industry as well as general public that there are now alternatives which are not only cost effective but are also far thermally superior to many of the traditional building products in the marketplace.

The key benefits of Mitten Vinyl Cladding are:

1. It is insulated with a minimum of .5 R value and 1 R  for the 30mm foam backing.

2. It is completely maintenance free.  No sanding or painting required.

3. It has a 50 year transferable warranty.

4. It comes with complete flashing systems so there are not dissimilar materials used, no silicone required.

5. It is extremely quick to install compared to any other weatherboard or cladding on the market.

6. It is completely watertight and an complete moister barrier (hence its massive popularity in the Canadian market, which NZ’s building code is based on).

7. Extremely price competitive at approx $60-$80 per square mtr (depending on order size, it can be cheaper). Once installed there is no painting to consider, its finished.

Mitten NZ put their personal guarantee behind the product and know it works. As with anything there’s no substitute for seeing and feeling a product so get in touch if you'd like to see images/samples and learn more about the many benefits to using insulated vinyl cladding.

While the New Zealand website is being completed please take a look at www.mittenvinyl.com.au for further information on the product.

Email: nic@thermalspec.co.nz  if you'd like to get in touch.


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